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GeForce 7800GTX Graphics Card

Geforce 7800GTX Graphics card If you have around £600 burning a hole in your pocket and you want Battlefield 2 running like a dream, go SLi. We were so impressed with that one card, we could only imagine that we’d be in the battlefield if we had two of these beasts strapped together!
So we stuck it in our test rig here at Techlounge. The basic spec of our test PC is ABit fatality Sli, Athlon 64 3400 GHz CPU, 2GB dual Channel DDR Memory, 74GB Raptor HDD.

Ok, it’s not the latest and best but it certainly doesn’t hang about. With the supplied drivers Battlefield 2 was noticeably smoother and shaper. The same goes for Far Cry; slightly older game but still stresses your rig to the max. When we got the new drivers off NVIDIA’s site and installed them on the system it was a completely different scene. Draw distance was better and was rendered much faster. The detail on people’s faces was almost life like. The fps where up about 8-9 over stock drivers so you could expect 12-16 if you where running Sli. Oh and by the way these were with the highest settings, the rig was flying; we could have spent all day on this game.
When we went on pcmark05 we only got a score of 7580. But at the end of the day the testing is very hard any of the other hardware might have held the card up.
What always amazes us is the beautifulness of the stickers on the heat sink, they just look out of this world.
This is the first time we have seen gold plated dvi connectors on any graphics card, again its one of the finishing touches to the card and adds to the wow factor.