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Xbox music comes to Android and iOS

The big players in the music downloading business are of course Apple iTunes and Spotify and Microsoft is hitting back by making its Xbox Music service available on iOS and Android devices, to try to close the gap.

Although popular with users the system has only been available to users of Windows-powered devices, however the Xbox Music service now allows users of Android and iOS devices to subscribe to receive unlimited access to the music they like. The cost of the Xbox music pass is currently estimated at £6 per month and it is not known just how successful the new service will be. Subscribers will be allowed to purchase individual songs and albums from the “Xbox Music Store”.

Always struggling against the very popular iTunes system, Xbox music was launched in 2012 as a replacement for the rather unsuccessful Zune which never really took off, it is hoped that with the service being offered to Android and iOS it will makes some inroads into the competition, it may be some time before we know the answer.

Windows have said that further additional updates for iOS and Android platforms will also become available in the coming months, this will include an offline mode, which will let users save their music to their device for playback without an internet or data connection.


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