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Android apps soon dominant

Android apps soon dominant

It was predicted that once Google’s Android format took hold it would become dominant and with the success of the Samsung Galaxy S4 now standing at sales of ten million units and the new Galaxy S4 mini launched it is only a short time before the apps on Android format overtake Apple. Currently the rate of downloading is running at an impressive 500 more per month through the Google play system. There are now 900million Android devices in the market compared to 600million Apple products.

The Android has attracted big players with even the BBC moving to a new approach that attempts to deliver on both Apple and Android of its popular apps simultaneously. Similarly Sky has developed and delivered apps specifically targeting the most popular mobile phone models.

Although figures can be made to prove almost anything, if the current rate continues, then Google will be in the lead in this particular race within four months. Although Apple claims to have 850, titles at its store Google claims 48 billion apps have been downloaded from them, with 2.5 billion downloads each month. Competition can only be good for us all.