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Bug hits new Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone

Bug hits new Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone

Reports are coming in that a bug has affected one of the Nokia Smartphones, the newest which, although not yet released here has just been seen in the tech shops in the US. The ‘phone is the Lumia 900 and is seen as Nokia’s strongest attempt to take on Apple and Google.

According to reports, the software bug in the Smartphone is causing some handsets to occasionally lose their data connection. This is not good news for Nokia who are making a strong comeback and this problem is likely to hit Nokia’s hopes of regaining market share from rivals Apple and Google. Although Nokia is still the world’s largest mobile manufacturer, it is losing out significantly in the Smartphone market.

The Finnish manufacturer said a fix for the Lumia 900’s “memory management issue” would be issued on 16 April. Released in the US on Sunday the 8th April the new Smartphone is due to be seen here in the UK by the end of the month.