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The Sony Xperia S smartphone

The Sony Xperia S smartphone

The Sony Xperia S smartphone was launched in the UK in spring 2012. It is unique, in that it is the first phone introduced by Sony since the company bought out Swedish telecommunications giant, Ericsson.

The outstanding feature of any Sony Xperia S review is the all singing and dancing screen to which Sony have incorporated the resolution already in use in their Bravia line. The phone uses Android devices and technical magazines are already enamoured with the phone’s 12 MP camera and superb HD screen. In the UK, 3 Mobile has just signed up with Sony to act as a network provider, along with T Mobile, O2 and Ultimate Internet. 

The plastic body of the phone is sleek and cool and currently only available in black. It uses 2.3 Gingerbread, which is highly rated by users and is expected to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) in a couple of months, following the phone’s release. The memory on this phone is 32gb.