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Free apps will drain your battery

Free mobile apps which use third-party services to display advertising consume considerably more battery life, a new study suggests. Everyone likes to have a “freebee” but do we have to suffer because of them. Some research has been done and in this the researchers used a special tool to monitor use by several of the apps on both Android and Windows Mobile handsets.

In one case, 75% of an app’s energy consumption was spent on powering advertisements. This is apparently because they typically have built-in advertisements so developers can make money to pay for the initial app download, as they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. The tests were carried out by running the app over a 3G connection. The results noted that many apps leave connections open for up to 10 seconds after downloading information. So it is as well to remember that if you do have a number of free apps on your mobile, just watch your battery, and either have a spare or a mobile recharger with you.