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Apple to announce iPad3

Apple to announce iPad3

For all those people who cannot get enough from the Apple stable, news is on the wires that the company is to announce a new iPad on Wednesday March 7th, all according to the Apple blog iMore. This blog site has been pretty accurate in the past and so we have to believe that, unless we hear otherwise, then it is true.

Also coming out of the blog is the revelation that the new tablet will feature a quad-core processor, but his has been denied in other sources, we shall have to wait and see on that score. Another source, The Wall Street Journal, is reported to have stated that the forthcoming iPad will have LTE capability. It would seem that this would have limited effect although LTE, which offers faster data speeds than 3G, is not available in the UK and even within the US coverage is limited.

Apple has not yet announced any plans for a launch event and never comments on new devices before they are officially unveiled. Significantly though, they usually update their products yearly and the iPad 2 was announced on March 2 last year and went on sale a week or so later.