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Is it game over for Nintendo?

Is it game over for Nintendo?

Nintendo’s profits are falling in the face of competition from Smartphones and rival consoles. Nintendo has been around for longer than you think. It began in 1889 as a playing card company, so it would seem unthinkable that it risks of being swept away by more nimble competitors.

The challenge for Nintendo is finding a way to compete against the rise of Smartphone gaming. The company has some great titles but why pay for a separate games console and pay £30 for a game when you can have fun with a title for under a £1 on the device you carry in your pocket every day? The Nintendo Wii can take a lot of credit for the boom in casual gaming but its innovative control system, however many think that there are now better systems by both Sony’s PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect.

Many people think that is would be wise to follow the path taken by Sega more than a decade ago and get out of the console business entirely. This would allow it to focus on making its undeniably brilliant catalogue of games available on other platforms. We shall see how the coming year shapes up for Nintendo.