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Data storage, why is it so important?

It’s unlikely that you have your own power station at home and you probably keep your money in a bank, not stuffed inside your mattress. But you almost certainly keep your important digital files, such as documents, photos, music and videos, on a hard drive in your house. Many people are well organised and decide to backup all that data, but you probably keep your backups on another hard drive somewhere in your house. In the event of a catastrophe of one sort or another burglary, or a flood for example, you could lose both copies of your data.

There are many external sources that will allow you to back up your data, for example BT Digital Vault online file and photo storage lets you safely store important or large files like photos or videos without the need for expensive hard drives or disks, and can be accessed from any computer. Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25GB of free online storage. Your stuff is stored in the cloud which means you can access it from any web-enabled PC. There are many others and it is well worth considering getting external data storage.


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