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New Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones

Sony Ericsson is known to manufacture some of the most functional mobile phones on the market today. With more than half of the population in the UK owning a mobile phone, many are making the switch to Sony Ericsson because of the wide product selection, great deals and reliable mobile devices. Sony Ericsson already has many loyal customers, and just a few months ago, the company announced the release of two new feature phones. Feature phones are not the same as smartphones, but they are not a basic mobile phone either. The Mix Walkman and the Txt Pro are the two new Sony Ericsson mobile phones. These devices do so much more than just make basic phone calls. They may not have all of the fancy features that are found in the smartphone market, but they do offer some fantastic elements that are exclusive to Sony Ericsson. The Mix Walkman was designed with music very much in mind, allowing users to have access to a media player, song IS, music ringtones, a track download service and stereo Bluetooth. Many users enjoy having the capability to store hundreds of quality MP3s on their phone and to be able to listen to the songs at any time. In addition, the phone offers email access and instant messaging, USB syncing, a 3.2 megapixel camera and a 3-inch touch screen. The Txt Pro is just as it sounds and has been specially designed for those who text on a regular basis. With a slide-out keyboard, messaging has never been easier. This feature phone also features a media player, MicroSD slot, personal organiser, PC modem support and integrated Twitter and Facebook applications.