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LG Optimus One Review

The LG Optimus One smartphone may come with a slightly smaller than average 3.2” touchscreen but this screen is extremely receptive, so a light touch is enough to get activated and the Optimus One offers bright and clear images and natural colours. The LCD panel has 320 x 480 pixels and, due to the screen being smaller, the low resolution does not distort the sharp images.  The dims are 113.5 x 59 x 13.3mm and the model weighs in at 129g. The design is flat, slim, elegant and black and the phone feels robust in the hand and lends itself perfectly to one-handed use.

The LG Optimus One features Android 2.2 and with it the Google Maps app with free sat nav and it is possible to use the LG Optimus One as a wi-fi hotspot to allow you to hook up your pc and surf wherever you are.  The Optimus One has a 3 mega pixel camera and video offers 640 x 480 res.  The camera on this model has been subject to modifications and enhancements from the previous model which allows the user to change and adapt the previously static settings.

The apps offered with this phone are user friendly, as is the Optimus One itself.

LG Optimus One is attractive, responsive, and more than capable in everyday tasks and is altogether one of the best budget smartphones on the market.