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HP offers partial refund to full-price TouchPad buyers

The TouchPad was on sale in Britain for just over a month and failed to make an impression on the market which has been dominated by the Apple iPad. HP is to refund hundreds of pounds each to customers who bought its failed TouchPad tablet at full price. The compensation programme means buyers who paid full price for their TouchPad before August 23 will have effectively acquired it at the fire-sale price.

For the bottom-of-the-range, 16GB, Wi-Fi only HP TouchPad, buyers will receive the difference between whatever they paid and £89, which is the heavily discounted rate at which HP sold off remaining stocks once it decided to scrap the product. When it appeared in British shops just over a month earlier, the recommended price was £399. Similar compensation will be offered on more expensive models, and to buyers of the Pre3 Smartphone, which was also culled as part of a major shift by HP away from consumer electronics.