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HTC Desire S Deals

The HRT Desire S is one of the latest mobile phone handsets offered by the popular mobile phone manufacturer HTC. The handset is an updated version of the market leading HTC Desire and offers a number of improvements such as a better screen, quicker processor, faster web browsing and reduced weight. Perhaps the most impressive feature on the HTC Desire S is the full HD camera the phone boasts, which can capture movies and pictures in high definition. These movies can then be streamed wirelessly to any HD Ready TV with a DLNA connection.

As the handset is incredibly popular, there are a huge amount of HTC Desire S deals on the market. People looking for HTC Desire S deals with a contract can expect to pay around £20 to £25 per month, and with that they can usually expect to receive an average of between 100-300 free calls, a minimum of 500 free texts and at least 500MB of data transfer from web browsing per month. Most of the contracted HTC Desire S deals also give customers the phone for free; however, some will expect you to pay around £30 for the handset. Unfortunately, pay as you go HTC Desire S deals require customers to buy the handset themselves. This can prove expensive, as the phone by itself and without a contract is quite costly, ranging between £300 and £420 depending on the exact version of the phone required.