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Is the death of the music store near?

The question is an important one, particularly if you work in a music store because fewer of us are going to a specialist shop to buy a CD now when so many of us are migrating to buying music online. If you have been into one recently you will have noticed that CDs and actual music packages are quietly retreating from shelves and displays across the store. Music accessories, gadgets and assorted electronic gadgets are creeping into the abandoned positions.

New giants in the music retailing business are clearly iTunes, Amazon and Google and recent events have seen these tech wizards fight each other in court and online. Amazon became the first of the majors to offer music in the “cloud”. This meant any digital music you had bought legitimately could be uploaded onto Amazon’s systems, and downloaded as and when you wanted it, and how you wanted it. Google was quick to follow with its Google Music Beta, Apple which had almost single-handedly changed the music industry with the launch of iTunes a decade ago, followed with iCloud, which allows online storage and synchronisation of users’ data on all Apple devices.  The music industry is certainly changing.