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Tablets dominate the market

It’s only taken tablets a short time to dominate the electronic market and now it’s no surprise to see the Samsung’s website advertising the new Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 says “It’s Time for a Better Tablet.” Well what else would you expect them to say?

To review any tablet it has to be compared with the Apple iPad and devoted Apple users would think that the iPad was better, but would have to concede that the Samsung Galaxy is a close second to the iPad and in some ways it’s even better. Physically, the tablets look similar side by side but the number one difference is that Galaxy is equipped with Flash, which obviously is not in the iPad. Working everything on the Galaxy is simple: a home button gets you to the home screen where apps are lined up and ready to use on the very responsive touch screen. However, there is one area where the iPad scores and that is the quantity of apps available between the two devices; the Apple iTunes App Store wins easily but the Galaxy’s Market Store has a great selection and is growing every day.