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New BBC iPlayer planned

The BBC has released an updated version of the iPlayer designed for televisions in a move that it’s hoped will broaden access to the catch-up service to those viewers who may be a bit less technologically minded. It is available from today on the PlayStation 3 games console, and is being adapted for an array of set-top boxes and internet-capable televisions. Many such devices were already able to access iPlayer, but the presentation was inconsistent and it could be frustrating to navigate.

It is thought that the new version will be easier to navigate and the service has proved highly successful on computers and Smartphone’s, but executives are keen for it to colonise its “natural home”, the living room. However there is one set top box that will not have access and that is Sky which remains a closed platform. The satellite broadcaster’s approach is in contrast to its rivals Virgin Media and BT, who are both collaborating with the BBC to adapt the new iPlayer for their subscribers.