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Nokia N9 will not launch in UK

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a new Nokia N9 Smartphone you will be in for a disappointment as Nokia has confirmed that its N9 Smartphone will not launch in the UK, and says its focus in the US is to be exclusively on Windows Phone rather than Symbian. A Nokia mobile phones statement says: “Although we are delighted with the very positive reception that the Nokia N9 has received, here in the UK there are no plans to offer the Nokia N9 at present.”

The N9 had received some positive initial reviews and attracted huge interest, but Nokia will release its first Windows Phone 7 devices later this year. In an interview, the head of the company’s US business confirmed that the new operating system would be the company’s primary focus. Chris Weber said that if Nokia’s Windows devices failed, Symbian’s success “didn’t matter”!