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The history of Motorola Mobile Phones

Motorola have been at the forefront of mobile phone development since the market began, however the company really came into their own in the mid 1990’s after being the first manufacturer to introduce flip phones. After pioneering flip phone technology and enjoying a significant boom, the company’s rivals eventually caught them up and forced Motorola mobile phones to reconsider their designs.

By 2005, Motorola mobile phones were once again at the top of the market thanks to models such as the RAZR series, which featured a sleek flip phone design, are light weight and had leading technology at the time such as 3.5G capability and 2 megapixel cameras. After smartphones became the norm in the mobile phone market, Motorola proceeded to cement their place as one of the major manufacturers by developing a number of successful handsets based on Google’s leading Android operating system.

In recent years, Motorola mobile phones have continued to show the same innovation which saw them be the first manufacturer to popularise the flip phone. The best example of this is the innovative Motorola Atrix, a phone which contains the processing power to double as a laptop and media centre via the use of accessories. The idea behind the phone is that it will offer people a single device for their digital needs, as the handset, along with performing well as a phone, can be docked into a special laptop shell and run as a web book along with also being able to be placed in a Media Hub and connected to televisions and stereos.